Motherland I Have Touched Your Soil: Apology Edition Greetings…my friends. Yes, I am alive, and yes I took a five-week absence from writing about my time in Southeast Asia. In that time I have been studying in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam for three weeks. I have also traveled back to Thailand for a water-throwing festival called Songkran, to the massive Angkor … Continue reading Motherland I Have Touched Your Soil: Apology Edition


Where the Three Countries Meet

This weekend was occupied by an extremely informative excursion to the Golden Triangle, a region in Northern Thailand where Lao, Thailand, and Burma meet. During this four day trip there was a mixture of sights and education that provided a diverse expierence I wouldn't get unless studying abroad. The first of these was the … Continue reading Where the Three Countries Meet

The Visual Side of Things

This update is less about my weekend and more about what I've seen the past 2 months. So hopefully you'll enjoy smaller walls of text and the wondrous sights I've captured. This Theravada Buddhist temple is titled Wat Doi Suthep, which overlooked the city of Chiang Mai. I took a picture of its highest … Continue reading The Visual Side of Things


Hey readers, first and foremost I must apologize for my posts in the way they will be/have come out. Because of my misunderstanding with the blog's interface I have stored posts without actually publishing them, so the timeline of my experience may be a little skewed. Bare with me friends, as though the posts may … Continue reading Change?

The Beginning

Greetings everyone, my name is Marcus Degnan and I will be studying abroad in both Thailand and Vietnam this semester. Being half-Vietnamese half-American, it has always been my dream to go to my mother's home country to better understand my family and myself. The desire to go back, to what I'd like to call 'the … Continue reading The Beginning