Eavesdropping on English

My last lunch in Korea was especially indicative of my growth there. During the first week of the trip, my friends and I went to a Korean barbecue place near the University and struggled greatly to order because of the language barrier. When the food arrived, we didn’t know what to do, and the friendly … Continue reading Eavesdropping on English


Jamsil Stadium Has Nothing on the Swamp

I had been wanting to go to a Korean baseball game since I arrived here. I’d heard it’s such a big part of the culture, and friends who had already been said there’s nothing like it - the people are so spirited. They haven’t seen Gator games! Nonetheless, it was a cool experience. Even on … Continue reading Jamsil Stadium Has Nothing on the Swamp

Just Married

This week’s university field trip was to a Nanta performance. It was very high energy, like STOMP but kitchen-themed and more comedic. The performers rhythmically and animatedly prepared food, dancing around while throwing vegetables into cans and the like, supposedly all in preparation for a wedding feast. At one point, the performers came into the … Continue reading Just Married

Markets and Mountains

It’s been a busy weekend! Thursday night some friends and I explored Gangnam, the luxury district where “gangnam style” originated. This area was so cool! Skyscrapers were all around, and the streets lit up at night with huge streaming advertisements and flashing lights. We eventually found ourselves at a puppy café where we got to … Continue reading Markets and Mountains