This Too-Huge World

I’m home now, and it’s weird. My brain is still 16 hours ahead, The Squad has separated, I haven’t learned anything about native New Zealand trees in three days, and life doesn’t make sense anymore. Okay, I’m being dramatic. But I’m rereading my old blog posts and writing this one because I need closure and … Continue reading This Too-Huge World


The Winding Down

In the hopes of slowing down what I can only assume will be a whirlwind of a week, I want to take the chance to reflect on the past few adventures The Squad has shared. After our trip across the South Island to the West Coast (which I gushed about in my last post), we … Continue reading The Winding Down


The Squad has already heard lectures from several New Zealand experts, including Dr. Colin Meurk and world-famous botanist Hugh Wilson, and in just one week we have learned a staggering amount about the natural history of New Zealand as well as the current measures being taken to protect the land. From tracking tui birds to … Continue reading Detours