Struggling to Adjust to Japan

Sorry everyone, there's not a happy-go-lucky travel post this week. Just a post about my emotions. Lately I've been stuck in a slump. Back at UF, October was always the hardest month for me because it was the peak time for group projects, midterms, and essays. It is the same here at Kansai Gaidai University. I … Continue reading Struggling to Adjust to Japan


Trying to Hike Around Fushimi-Inari

After I returned from Osaka, I packed my backpack with everything necessary for my next outing. After that, I slept and tried to rest up properly for going to Kyoto. I met with my language exchange partner/ closest Japanese student, Mariko and we waited for the rest of our crew to arrive at the train … Continue reading Trying to Hike Around Fushimi-Inari