Trying to Hike Around Fushimi-Inari

After I returned from Osaka, I packed my backpack with everything necessary for my next outing. After that, I slept and tried to rest up properly for going to Kyoto. I met with my language exchange partner/ closest Japanese student, Mariko and we waited for the rest of our crew to arrive at the train … Continue reading Trying to Hike Around Fushimi-Inari


Geeking out in Umeda, Osaka

Now that I've recovered from last week's cold, I took advantage of this weekend to go out and explore the Kansai area. I've had a VERY busy weekend, so I plan on making multiple posts detailing what I did each day. It was lots and lots of fun but now I'm so so so exhausted! … Continue reading Geeking out in Umeda, Osaka