Ain’t no lie baby, bye bye bye.

Today is the official last day of the UF in India program for the summer of 2017. And boy has it sure been a ride. Let's rewind for a moment. During these 36 days, we've experienced: -18 NGO visits -3 visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites -7 modes of transportation including trains, planes, buses, rickshaws, … Continue reading Ain’t no lie baby, bye bye bye.


No Beef For Sale Here.

Without food, life would be unsustainable. For me personally, I can only really last three hours without having some sort of snack. So obviously, food is a huge portion of my day to day life. It's become an even bigger facet of mine since I've been in India. Having come from an English family, our … Continue reading No Beef For Sale Here.


We’re only a sixth of the way into our studies, and we’ve already hit the ground running. So let me catch you up: Tamil Language Lesson #1: Vanakkam → “Hello” Cultural Lesson #1: Indian Head Shake→ “Ok” “Yes” and/or general affirmation Now that we’ve established these two highly important norms, we can begin. Today is … Continue reading Vanakkam