Bihn Mihn Nguyen: Summer in India & Nepal

Year: Rising JuniorMajor/Minor: International Studies with an Asia focus, pre-medProgram: UF in India & Nepal - NGOs & DevelopmentHave you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why?I was actually born abroad in Vung Tau, Vietnam! I’ve also had the opportunity to travel to Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, France and the U.K. in the last … Continue reading Bihn Mihn Nguyen: Summer in India & Nepal


Ain’t no lie baby, bye bye bye.

Today is the official last day of the UF in India program for the summer of 2017. And boy has it sure been a ride. Let's rewind for a moment. During these 36 days, we've experienced: -18 NGO visits -3 visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites -7 modes of transportation including trains, planes, buses, rickshaws, … Continue reading Ain’t no lie baby, bye bye bye.


We’re only a sixth of the way into our studies, and we’ve already hit the ground running. So let me catch you up: Tamil Language Lesson #1: Vanakkam → “Hello” Cultural Lesson #1: Indian Head Shake→ “Ok” “Yes” and/or general affirmation Now that we’ve established these two highly important norms, we can begin. Today is … Continue reading Vanakkam