See you soon, Shanghai!

Monday afternoon I embark on my 30-hour trek from Miami to the other side of the world – Shanghai. (!!!) A little background on me: this will be my third time studying abroad. I spent one month in Barcelona the summer before my freshman year and three months in Madrid last summer. During both programs, I … Continue reading See you soon, Shanghai!


Gabriela Harmon: Summer in Shanghai, China

Year: Rising JuniorMajor/Minor: Accounting (After I graduate, I plan to go to grad school for my Master of Accounting and Law degrees.)Program: CET - ShanghaiHave you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why?Yes! I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to over 15 countries. One of my favorite trips was to Cuba last … Continue reading Gabriela Harmon: Summer in Shanghai, China

Paige: Spring in Hong Kong

Paige Santiago is a University of Florida student studying abroad during the spring of 2019 in Hong Kong. To learn more about Paige's program, click here: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology-Undergraduate Business  What is your year and academic concentration? I am a third-year Finance major with a Nonprofit Organizational Leadership minor. I currently am … Continue reading Paige: Spring in Hong Kong

FlywithCy: What I Wish I Would Have Told Myself Before Studying Abroad

Dear Cy-Anne, This decision is BIG... so big that it seems scary thinking about it. But those nerves and doubts mean you’re officially out of your comfort zone and on the brink of doing something MAJOR. I remember when you thought of studying abroad in Africa during your first week of college and how you … Continue reading FlywithCy: What I Wish I Would Have Told Myself Before Studying Abroad