Australia Nostalgia

With my body finally back on American time, my mind is searching for Australian memories more than ever. I truly wish I had a longer study abroad experience — a 14-hour flight for a month-long trip just wasn’t enough! Also after this month, I can officially recommend, now based on personal experience, studying abroad with … Continue reading Australia Nostalgia


Free Fallin’

This study abroad program has largely been about stepping outside of my comfort zone. On my last day in Australia, I took the plunge and signed up to jump out of a plane, skydiving thousands of feet over Cairns. While heights have always made me squeamish, it was the idea of falling so fast or … Continue reading Free Fallin’

Stay Vivid

Sydney is Australia’s creative hub. Each year, a combination of lights, music and ideas gather in this city for an event called Vivid Sydney. Based on the idea that inspiration can turn into action, Vivid Sydney celebrates and encourages those in the creative industries. Vivid Sydney has to be one of the most spectacular light … Continue reading Stay Vivid

Melbourne Weekend

The Australian state of Victoria’s hipster watering hole, Melbourne, is just a quick hour-long flight from Sydney. A group of us from the UF Australia study abroad program decided to fly there and stay in a hostel for the weekend to experience the true backpacker lifestyle. Known for its quaint little cafes, graffiti and vintage … Continue reading Melbourne Weekend