Gearing 🆙 for the Break

////////////// September 17th to September 22nd 2018 ////////////// It's the ninth week of my semester at the University of Melbourne. There's 12 in the teaching period so I'm just about 3/4 of the way through! Next week is my "mid-semester break" in week 9 (hence the quotations), really spring break but that's just more of … Continue reading Gearing 🆙 for the Break


Just another beautiful week in Oz.

The Week of September 10th to September 16th I have my midterm exam tomorrow for circuits and I think that I'm just about ready for it. Its seems that we have covered a lot less material than I had thought because, going back through all the lecture notes, it doesn't seem all too bad. I … Continue reading Just another beautiful week in Oz.

Free food, Footie, and Friends

-----------------------------------University of Melbourne Week Number 3----------------------------------- Monday August Sixth to Sunday August Twelfth: Ok, so today I decided that I need to try all of the hot chocolates I can on campus so that I can find the best one. Today I tried one from a coffee bar connected to the physics building. Wait, … Continue reading Free food, Footie, and Friends