July  Found a home with some rad roommates. I live with a Kiwi (slang for New Zealander) couple and an awesome Aussie who’s a music producer. I couldn’t have gotten luckier. Brunswick West: Check out my hood. Move in July 18. July 19- My best friend arrives. (a.k.a Lehana Rodriguez- UF Alumna, fitness blogger, RD to … Continue reading Backtrack


Melbourne -'Melbin' if we're pronouncing it like a true Aussie- also known as the foodie capital, the city with wonderful weather, and the most livable city for the past four years according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s livability survey. I get to live here for six months, study with local and international students, eat all the food, travel to … Continue reading ‘Melbin’

City Livin’

Our first day in Sydney, we settled into our dorms at our host college, The University of New South Wales. We get our own rooms??? No more 6 people’s alarms all going off a minute apart in the morning woohooooo! After getting settled in, we took a tour of downtown through all of the parks … Continue reading City Livin’