Hiking Paradise

With Mondays off, I’ve been able to enjoy beautiful hikes and experience the city centers around Hong Kong. One thing that’s struck me about this country is the amazing combination of nature and city in one place. From HKUST, you can bus 10 minutes to get to a metro station or walk 10 minutes to … Continue reading Hiking Paradise


Hong Kong: Cold Nights and Exciting Days

I can’t believe it’s been a week here. After a 16-hour journey, 4-hour layover, and 2-hour customs and immigrations line, I made it into Hong Kong! I took a taxi (thankfully the driver spoke English) to the school and settled in. To be honest, it was a cold and uncomfortable night with my one blanket … Continue reading Hong Kong: Cold Nights and Exciting Days

Brittany: Spring in Brisbane

Brittany Lewis is a University of Florida student studying abroad during Spring 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.  To learn more about Brittany's program, click here: University of Queensland - CLAS. What is your year and academic concentration? How you going mate? I'm Brittany Lewis and I am a Telecommunications Production sophomore with a minor in International Relations … Continue reading Brittany: Spring in Brisbane

10/21/17-10/22/17: My weekend with the Thai students

Hey readers! Last week, I went on the longer of the two cultural trips hosted by the international department at Chulalongkorn University. 10/21/17 7:30 am: We arrive at school with our bags packed and wait for our vans. Those who went on the previous trip already know the Thai students and talk to them a … Continue reading 10/21/17-10/22/17: My weekend with the Thai students