Just another beautiful week in Oz.

The Week of September 10th to September 16th I have my midterm exam tomorrow for circuits and I think that I'm just about ready for it. Its seems that we have covered a lot less material than I had thought because, going back through all the lecture notes, it doesn't seem all too bad. I … Continue reading Just another beautiful week in Oz.


Being Sick in a Foreign Country

It's inevitable, a part of being human and just plain annoying. That's right, I finally got sick for the first time since moving to Japan. Since the classes started for the Japanese students last week, everyone has been exposed to all sorts of nasty germs and as a result, most of the students on campus … Continue reading Being Sick in a Foreign Country

Free food, Footie, and Friends

-----------------------------------University of Melbourne Week Number 3----------------------------------- Monday August Sixth to Sunday August Twelfth: Ok, so today I decided that I need to try all of the hot chocolates I can on campus so that I can find the best one. Today I tried one from a coffee bar connected to the physics building. It...was...so...tasty. Wait, … Continue reading Free food, Footie, and Friends