It’s a Cat-Eat-Cat World

One of the first observations I made after landing in Israel was the abundance of cats lounging on the streets. I thought I was just in a particularly cat-friendly part of town but, as it turns out, the entire country is flooded with them. Therefore, I decided to provide you with a brief history of this feline phenomena. Legend has it that, during the British … Continue reading It’s a Cat-Eat-Cat World

Eilat and Petra Weekend Recap

I begin my recap with an overview of my sleeping accommodations for the trip; a cheap hostel located near the Eilat beaches, featuring loud club music from the nightlife below that wouldn’t stop until 4 am and adjacent to an ‘adult’ store and a piercing/tattoo parlor. Not the optimal site as we arrived past midnight after a 6 hour bus ride. Nonetheless, we managed to … Continue reading Eilat and Petra Weekend Recap

Working Hard or Hardly Working

I’m not really sure how people can work 9-5 without napping somewhere in the middle. Regardless, I’ve already powered through my first two weeks of work. This summer I’m interning at a Tech company called Nyx-Technologies. They’re an Israeli start-up trying to design wearable technology that would stimulate your brain while you sleep so that you get optimal rest. My work so far has been … Continue reading Working Hard or Hardly Working

Birthright and First Impressions of Haifa

Birthright was easily the most intense and eye-opening ten days of my life.  While Israel is such a small country in size, similar to the size of New Jersey, there are surprisingly so many things to do and sites to see that it would normally take months to accomplish everything.  Imagine the difficulty of packing that all into a ten-day trip while accommodating to the … Continue reading Birthright and First Impressions of Haifa

Pre-Departure to Israel

Packing for a three-month trip in a single suitcase takes a lot of discipline; I had to go through three rounds of elimination of t-shirts before narrowing it down enough to fit.  Beyond that, lugging a 50+ pound bag across Israel will be challenge on its own. I write this as my plane nears its destination in Frankfurt, the sole layover on my way to … Continue reading Pre-Departure to Israel

Marc LeVine: Summer in Haifa, Israel

Year in school: Rising junior, planning to graduate Spring 2021Major/Minor: Industrial Systems Engineering/Engineering InnovationProgram: UF in Haifa – Engineering Entrepreneurship & Internship Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why? Yes! Every year or so I go on a big family trip abroad. The countries that I have traveled to include Israel, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, and … Continue reading Marc LeVine: Summer in Haifa, Israel