English Gardens

Children’s author Francis Hodgson Burnett once wrote, “if you look the right way, you can see the whole world is a garden.” Certainly, for the English, a large part, if not the whole, of their towns and cities is one. Whether it’s the urban greenery of London’s parks, the manicured grounds of sprawling estates, or the wild beauty of the countryside, the flora and fauna … Continue reading English Gardens

London’s Most Frequent Visitor

London sees an abundance of visitors every day from around the world. These streets, with their antique bookshops, eclectic pubs, elegant tea rooms, lush parks, and buzzy theatres, are continually graced by new faces. There is one, however, which returns without fail. It is one which every Londoner knows well, in fact. While walking through Covent Gardens on one of my first days in London, … Continue reading London’s Most Frequent Visitor

“Mine Own Romantic Town”

“Piled deep and massy, close and high mine own romantic town.” This is Edinburgh, Scotland as described by author Sir Walter Scott. After spending the weekend in Edinburgh, I was able to see what Scott, and so many others, have fallen in love with. I did some research before my journey, learning about the literary, historical, and cultural heritage which permeates the city, though it … Continue reading “Mine Own Romantic Town”

Oxford or Cambridge?

Where can you find cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, botanical gardens, and punting? England can boast of having not one, but two University towns which have all of these. Oxford and Cambridge have an old rivalry, one which has lasted through the centuries. It all began when scholars fled Oxford to escape religious and political conflict. Today, the annual rowing race is a testament to the … Continue reading Oxford or Cambridge?

Pre-Departure to London

“There is such a thing as good stress.” “What?” I stare at the computer screen, incredulously. The article explains that you can be happy, excited, hopeful, and yet still be stressed out. Stress does not have to be negative. On the contrary, it can be beneficial. The writer even listed travel as “good stress.” I have just left finals, endless assignments, and a busy work … Continue reading Pre-Departure to London

Laura Green: Summer in London, England

Year: JuniorMajor/Minor: English/FrenchProgram: UF in London – Vampire and Empire London Have you traveled abroad before? If so, where and why?I haven’t traveled abroad before, so I am super excited for this experience! Have you studied abroad before? If so, where, when, and for what?I have never studied abroad but it has always been a dream of mine. I’m considering pursuing graduate studies abroad so … Continue reading Laura Green: Summer in London, England