Back to Reality

Two days ago, I said goodbye to Madrid, and after 24 hours of travel, landed back in Florida. I can’t lie, I cried on the plane. The day before I left, constantly running through my head, were thoughts of “wow, I’m doing [this] for the last time…,” whether it was my last time riding the metro, or walking around Puerto del Sol and people-watching. It … Continue reading Back to Reality

Summer of Self Realization

Well, as classes ended last Thursday, most people have left to travel or are still doing internships. The only travelling I did was a weekend trip to Budapest, which was amazing. However, I returned to Madrid, which now feels oddly empty and less rushed than it has for the past two months. I am now left with less than two weeks in this city, one … Continue reading Summer of Self Realization

Running Away to Paris

Booking last minute trips to places all over is all fun, until you realize you have absolutely nothing set up besides the flight you bought and a place to stay. However, there’s adventure in uncertainty and spontaneity, and maybe that’s why these trips, and studying abroad in general, have been some of the best. This weekend, we decided to run away to Paris for a … Continue reading Running Away to Paris

A different person, a different story

When in Madrid, I’ve happened to meet a grand number of people. Different countries, different backgrounds, people I’ve never known before in my very own city of studies. It’s been endless hellos and bittersweet goodbyes, in which I know I’ll probably never see them again. People have always fascinated me in the sense that every single person you meet brings just a little something into … Continue reading A different person, a different story

Studying Myself Sick

As my first week flew by, it was wonderful, extravagant, and more than I could’ve imagined Spain to be for me. I met new friends, thoroughly enjoy my classes (although, I haven’t experienced four hours of class a day since high school, so that’s most definitely an adjustment), ventured around the city, went out at night, got my fix of shopping in for the week, … Continue reading Studying Myself Sick

And So It Begins…

Well, where do I start, even though my travels haven’t ended just yet? I’m in Spain! Madrid, to be exact. However, I have been sitting at the airport for nearly 6 hours now, and that’s because I actually left a few days early to travel around the country before my studies at Universidad de Nebrija begin. So, after the couple hours left of this seemingly … Continue reading And So It Begins…