Day 45: Homeward Bound

Things I Won’t Miss About China: The smog. The toilets. The lack of clean tap water (and brushing my teeth with bottled water, for that matter). The people who hock loogies on the street….and in restaurants….and on the bus….and in every other public place you can think of. The people who ask me (every day) … Continue reading Day 45: Homeward Bound


Days 43-44

The past two days have been pretty laid back. I’ve said goodbye to most of my classmates as they head off to explore other parts of China, or head back to America. There were many things happening in Chengdu this weekend, including a huge music festival and the annual Dragon Boat races, but because of … Continue reading Days 43-44

Days 33-34: 饥饿游戏 (ji’e youxi) – The Hunger Games!

I didn’t blog yesterday, because frankly, nothing really happened. After class, I met with my tutor for the last time since she will be returning to her home in Northern China on Monday. Alex and I decided (once again) that good food was of higher priority than exercise, so we skipped Pilates class and went … Continue reading Days 33-34: 饥饿游戏 (ji’e youxi) – The Hunger Games!