One Week After South Africa

I never offered any sort of conclusion on my South Africa trip because the trip home takes 30 hours and I was sick for most of it. But, here it is, a few conclusive thoughts after a week of processing. South Africa is a very, very interesting place. It's a place of great complexity, first … Continue reading One Week After South Africa


Last Days, Leaving Tomorrow

Nothing of note, really, so I'll fall back on my trusty steed - a list of things I've done in the past few days: Visit Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in more depth. The mountainside gardens, home to over 8000 species of plants, many of which ONLY grow in South Africa, was a much needed break from … Continue reading Last Days, Leaving Tomorrow

The “Other” Cape Town: Poverty and South African Socialism

"I take my students there and I tell them, 'Look, this is the enemy. These are the people who took your land and your money." This is Mr. Hendrix on trips with his students to the wealthiest schools. I must be quick to add that this isn't entirely representative of Mr. Hendrix, principal at Trafalgar High … Continue reading The “Other” Cape Town: Poverty and South African Socialism

In the CPT

Not much to report today…except that we flew to CAPE TOWN! It’s very different here. First of all, there are clouds. Moisture. Greenery. Plus, this area is at least 200 years older than Pretoria as far as colonization development. Weirdly, we’re staying right on the ocean, at extremely nice amenities, so my perspective is a little…off, but … Continue reading In the CPT