I have returned to the land of the free~

Welcome Back to Amurika Today was the first day I drove a car after nine months of being in Japan. Yesterday was my first visit to Walmart since nine months ago. Since about two weeks ago I had bbqs, days at the mall, movie theater experience, and many other “all-american” things for the first time … Continue reading I have returned to the land of the free~


Adventure in the Green Tea Capital!

Uji a.k.a. Matcha Town a.k.a. Home of the Best Green Tea Anything in Japan! ^__^ May 5, 2012 Guys, I have an announcement to make: I LOVE GREEN TEA. Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yesterday I went to Uji, the green tea capital with Andrew. It’s famous for its many temples and shrines, especially Byodoin Temple, its … Continue reading Adventure in the Green Tea Capital!

The Good Stuff’s Back! Yum!

Nihonjin are back at school! (Nihonjin=にほんじん=日本人=Japanese people) The Japanese students started school this year on the 5th of April. So many new freshman are about! It’s kinda cool to see them all back since they’ve been on recess since February or something. You see… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JAPAN CULTURE LESSON In Japan the school year starts in … Continue reading The Good Stuff’s Back! Yum!

The Night Before the First Day of School

Sooooo….tonight’s the night before the first day of classes for the spring semester for international students at Kansai Gaidai.  Most Japanese students won’t be around since they just started their spring break between semesters just a couple days ago or so.  The only Japanese students who will be around are those who have decided to … Continue reading The Night Before the First Day of School