The (incredibly belated) Spring Break Post

w-inds. - ハナムケ (w-inds. - Hanamuke -- w-inds. - Parting Gift) A goodbye song. ~~~ My final post for this blog! Spring break for the exchange students was March 19th-23rd. The Japanese students at Kansai Gaidai were either still on break--they ended their semester in January before we came back, and returned in April. Anyway, … Continue reading The (incredibly belated) Spring Break Post


Triumphant Return

AKB48 - ポニーテールとシュシュ (AKB48 - Poniiteeru to shushu ~ AKB48 - Ponytails and Hair Ties) A summer song by one of the most famous music groups in Japan. ~~~ ...yes, it is I. I was ridiculously busy for the last month of my stay in Japan, and then when I got home, first I was … Continue reading Triumphant Return

The Good Stuff’s Back! Yum!

Nihonjin are back at school! (Nihonjin=にほんじん=日本人=Japanese people) The Japanese students started school this year on the 5th of April. So many new freshman are about! It’s kinda cool to see them all back since they’ve been on recess since February or something. You see… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JAPAN CULTURE LESSON In Japan the school year starts in … Continue reading The Good Stuff’s Back! Yum!