Rebels Aren’t Extinct

Walking through a crowd of tents, posters, and chants all tied together with a sole passionate cause… I find something poetic in it. This weekend I decided to spontaneously visit London. With Paris being so central to Europe, most of my friends have been traveling each week and this time I finally decided to be brave enough to join them. We got on a flight … Continue reading Rebels Aren’t Extinct

Fish, Grapes, and Monuments- Oh My!

One thing I particularly enjoy about Italy is that there is always something to do – and even better, there is a lot to do without always breaking the bank. This week, I had the chance to explore Viterbo some more and practice my Italian. The open-air markets are a fun way to explore, work on what I’ve been learning abroad over the last month, … Continue reading Fish, Grapes, and Monuments- Oh My!

Say the Magic Words

Living in another country can be challenging sometimes and slight cultural differences (such as the time of night that you eat dinner, the appropriate way to order a coffee, and learning how to use a metro) can have an impact on your day to day life. I’m thrilled to announce, however, that I’ve discovered the ultimate hack while living abroad – four simple words that … Continue reading Say the Magic Words

My New Home, Seville

I have finally arrived to my new home for the next three months, Seville. It is everything I expected and more: the city is filled with a unique culture seen in the people, food, and historic sites that I have encountered in the past week. My program has continued to amaze me, as they set up several things for us to do in order to … Continue reading My New Home, Seville

The New Love of My Life: The Paris Metro

Humans traveling underground in a metal box under the city sounds like a slightly try-hard plot of a dystopian teen novel. But when you place it into the context of our world, the metro, subway, or tube as it’s called in the mystical land of London, is actually one of the world’s best technological advances to adapt to big population demands. The ingenuity behind such … Continue reading The New Love of My Life: The Paris Metro

A (Not So) Pre-Arrival Post: My English Pitstop

Afternoon Tea in Kensington Gardens Before arriving to my home in Seville for study abroad, I took my chance to visit London for a week and delve into British culture in all its galore and decadence. With this, of course, I had to try the age old tradition of an afternoon tea, and did so right outside of Kensington Palace- home of Prince William and … Continue reading A (Not So) Pre-Arrival Post: My English Pitstop

A Cultural Adjustment

So “the unknown” that I was so ready to embrace turned out to just be a lot of cultural adjustment. Here are some of the things I learned so far: The French don’t believe in air-conditioning. They speak about 3 times quieter than the average American. French professors are incredibly cool. I actually have to study during study abroad. Rush hour is at 9 p.m.. … Continue reading A Cultural Adjustment

Arrival to Spain: Roadtrip!

I would’ve never thought that in one week I would somehow manage to see four major Spanish cities… NOT including my new home city, Seville. Yep, my study abroad program did just that and it was absolutely amazing. Of course, as anyone else would be, I was apprehensive about spending a week on a road trip through Spain with a group of strangers. However, API … Continue reading Arrival to Spain: Roadtrip!

Where Dreams Come True

Hearing the phrase “the most magical place on earth” as a native Floridian, I instinctually jump back to years of Disney fast passes and Mickey Mouse ears. This week, I learned that Disney has some major competition – and it’s name is Lake Bracciano. After getting into the swing of classes, I jumped at the opportunity to take a mini day trip to one of … Continue reading Where Dreams Come True

New Country. New Friends. New Adventures.

It’s been a bit over a month since I arrived in Chile and that seems crazy to me because it seems like I have lived a lifetime.  I am not going to lie and say that when I got here, I was excited and ready to seize the day. Honestly, I was freaking out. I am the only student from the University of Florida that … Continue reading New Country. New Friends. New Adventures.