Capetown: A City of Contrasts

In a nutshell, the Economic Empowerment in South Africa, or EESA, program pairs teams of undergraduate and graduate student from UF, Texas A&M, Colorado, and the University of the Western Cape with entrepreneurs in Capetown's townships,  or what we would call slums.  Most of the buildings are simply shacks made of tin or parts of … Continue reading Capetown: A City of Contrasts


From the Sunshine State to South Africa

June 7th, 2016 I left my house in Jax Beach for the long journey to Capetown at around 4am.  A sore back made the flights from Jax to New York, New York to Dubai, and Dubai to Johannesburg extra fun, but the good service on Emirates helped as did reasonably short layovers.  I even managed … Continue reading From the Sunshine State to South Africa