An Emotional Ending

While it's hard to believe my time in Israel has come to an end, my adventures of the recent weeks continue to be surreal in my mind. My past few weekends included a trip to southern Israel, a family visit in Skiathos, Greece, and a return home that included almost missing my flight. It seems like … Continue reading An Emotional Ending


Adapting and Embracing my New Home

Sometimes, plans don’t work out the way you envision them. Many plans that i arranged have had to change due to unforeseen circumstances or mistakes of my own. For example, this morning I was supposed to leave with a group in my program to spend a night in Northern Israel for some hiking and outdoor … Continue reading Adapting and Embracing my New Home

Anxious for an Unforgettable Adventure

I’m the last person that anyone would ever expect to be calm before, well, anything. My most popular expressions include repeatedly saying, “are you sure about this?” and “But what happens if…?”. While I’m cursed with this innate cautious side of my being, I constantly find myself searching for new ways to push myself out … Continue reading Anxious for an Unforgettable Adventure