The Semester of a Lifetime

It's interesting that no matter how long you live in a foreign country, home will always feel like home. I expected to have a much more difficult time assimilating back into American culture, but I am pleasantly surprised that I've been managing just fine. Aside from the occasional "Slicha!" instead of "Excuse me" and feeling … Continue reading The Semester of a Lifetime


The Last Hurrah

It's hard to believe that I'm writing this blog post from my seat on the 11-hour flight from Israel to New York. Yes, my time in Tel Aviv has come to an end, and right now I'm wishing more than anything to be able to return to my favorite city. (After all, plane food just … Continue reading The Last Hurrah

A Weekend of New Places and Eilat of Fun

Over the weekend, my friends and I ventured to Eilat (the southernmost part of Israel). Eilat is similar to the Jersey Shore with its boardwalk, hotel strips, tourists and endless beaches. Although our weekend was filled with beach days and sunbathing, my time in Eilat was truly memorable because of how unique the area was. … Continue reading A Weekend of New Places and Eilat of Fun