Just One Week Left

As I sat on the plane heading home from Tokyo (yes I’m considering Hong Kong home), I began to realize something. I realized I’m heading into my last full week of the exchange. This realization brought me to feel a bit melancholy. I teared up thinking about the fact that this is the last week I’ll get to see some incredible people who I would … Continue reading Just One Week Left

Dragon Boating Adventures

Coming to Hong Kong one of my biggest fears was finding community. I felt like just as I had found “my people” at UF, I was about to embark on this journey across the world. There would be days that I walked across the University of Florida campus and thought to myself, “I’m going somewhere where I don’t know anyone and I’ll be living there … Continue reading Dragon Boating Adventures

Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom

This past month I had a few different opportunities to travel, and of course, I hopped right on those planes. We’ve been to Thailand, China, and South Korea in the course of one month. Although I’ve learned many different things about each culture, I’ve also learned a lot about myself. Things I’ve learned: I do things differently when I travel compared to how I live … Continue reading Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Living Abroad Has Its Ups and Downs

This past week was a bit rough. Overall, I still had a decent experience, but I would say that last week was the first actual time I experienced some of the drawbacks of living abroad. Being 8,000+ plus miles away from home inevitably includes missing highs and lows with your family. ** Disclaimer, the next paragraph is quite sad. *** I’ll start with the low. … Continue reading Living Abroad Has Its Ups and Downs

Living Like A Local

Living like a local… well, at least I’m trying to. I’ve been in Hong Kong for about a month and a half now, and I think I really am becoming one with the culture here. Although I’ve made friends with many international exchange students, I’ve also met many full-time, local, and non-local students and residents here. Some I’ve met through school and some I’ve met … Continue reading Living Like A Local

There’s No Turning Back

Well, the first full week of classes is officially over. The week flew by. I swear it feels like I was just at Ocean Park the other day and that was already LAST Sunday. Wow! I certainly was looking forward to classes starting with limited holiday interruptions, but I then realized that means a few different things: The semester is ACTUALLY happening The work I … Continue reading There’s No Turning Back