What They *Don’t* Tell You About Studying Abroad

Hello everyone!! I am currently about 3 weeks away from the end of my exchange. It seems as if it was truly only yesterday that I began calling Manchester my home! I just took my first exam a couple of days ago, so only one more exam and a fun getaway to Paris stand in the way of me coming home. A lot of people … Continue reading What They *Don’t* Tell You About Studying Abroad

Scottish Family Affair

Hello everyone!! It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to sit down and write because exam season is upon us. I’ve basically been living in the library ever since I got back from Easter break. My exams are worth 100% of my final grade, so no need to say I’ve been completely freaking out. With that being said! I’ve managed to spare a … Continue reading Scottish Family Affair

2 Backpacks, 5 Countries, 2 People: Part 2

I almost didn’t think we would make it but our trip has sadly come to an end! We had the absolute best time in all the places we visited, and are thoroughly exhausted from all the travel. Tucker and I said our goodbyes and I settled in my dorm bed with a strict do nothing agenda to prep for the next adventure: the DeVito family … Continue reading 2 Backpacks, 5 Countries, 2 People: Part 2

2 Backpacks, 5 Countries, 2 people: Part 1

My Spring Break trip is well underway and I am currently in Prague! It has been an amazing adventure exploring different cultures and seeing how people live there! My boyfriend Tucker and I are a little over halfway done with our 5 country backpacking trip, so here are some highlights from each place we visited so far. B R U S S E L S … Continue reading 2 Backpacks, 5 Countries, 2 people: Part 1

Updates and the Countdown to Spring Break

We all know the worst week is the one right before a break, and I’m definitely feeling the spring break-itis right now. The University of Manchester has allotted just about the whole month of April for our break (!) and I’m spending it traveling with my boyfriend and my family. We are visiting some amazing places that I will definitely check off my bucket list … Continue reading Updates and the Countdown to Spring Break

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Hello everyone!! I finally figured out how to insert photos onto wordpress, so my blogs will no longer be photo-less!! Very exciting breakthrough for a gal who is extremely technologically challenged. Anyway, it’s March and that’s crazy and this is the busiest I’ve been since I got here. Somehow, I’m already over halfway done with most of my classes and exams are fast approaching. I’ve … Continue reading You Win Some, You Lose Some

Updates: Budgets, a British Valentine’s

Hello everyone! I am rounding out my 3rd week here in Manchester and I can’t comprehend how. It feels like I’ve lived a whole life here already! I’m still a work in progress and learning so much still. Every time it seems like I’ve mastered something, I learn the right way to do it a couple days later. But, I’ve gotten myself into a routine … Continue reading Updates: Budgets, a British Valentine’s

Small Girl, Big Dreams!!

Hello everyone! Here I am, another week down in Manchester and I’m feeling pretty good. Classes have begun and I must say, I have much more free time than I would back home at this point. The school system here is very relaxed but also much more test/essay-focused, which is a topic I’ll save for another time. I’m becoming more comfortable with my surroundings (I’m … Continue reading Small Girl, Big Dreams!!