Marching Through Versailles

This past weekend, I embarked upon one of those bucket list adventures that is sure to land on every tourist’s list of Parisian to-do’s: Versailles. The Palace is rich in history and sits outside the western limits of Paris as a glorious monument to the magnificence of its commissioner, Louis XIV. If you know anything about Louis XIV, the infamous “roi du soleil” (“king of … Continue reading Marching Through Versailles

A French Monday

Morning Run             Monday was a normal Parisian morning in the summer. The clouds parted at 7:30 to reveal a beautiful collection of colors filling the sky, roughly two hours after sunrise. It has been shocking how many hours a day the sun is out and how few hours of darkness are experienced in France. I left my apartment in Belleville at 8am, beginning the … Continue reading A French Monday

France is Coming Fast

I’m a couple of days out from one of the most life-altering experiences I’ll ever have the pleasure of embarking upon. My flight from Tampa to Paris on Sunday will be the first time I leave the USA, my parents, my home, and the life I’ve spent nineteen years building. I’m leaving it all behind for baguettes with coffee and moonlight on the Seine. First, … Continue reading France is Coming Fast