A Week Full of Trips

Hello all! I can’t believe the second week of this program has already passed. This past week was a wonderful one, full of exploring new places in Brussels and beyond. On Tuesday, my classmates and I toured the headquarters of the Council of the European Union, also known simply as the Council. It was a wonderful learning experience, and I admired the impressive and creative … Continue reading A Week Full of Trips

One Week Down… June and July to Go!

Hello all! The past few days have been the most exciting whirlwind. Since landing in Paris on May 29th and staying with a cousin in the city for a few days, I’ve settled into my new home in Brussels, Belgium. Classes have begun, and I adore the required course, The European Union in the World. I find the history and institutions of the EU fascinating, … Continue reading One Week Down… June and July to Go!

Brussels Calls

Hello! I’m Khushi, and I am so excited to be documenting my summer via this blog. I have just under one week until I’m on my way to Europe, and I am thrilled. I will be flying into Paris and staying with a cousin for two days before heading to Brussels, Belgium to begin my summer classes! The program I’m participating in is through UF’s … Continue reading Brussels Calls