Experiencing the Art of Flamenco and the Castle of Xátiva

Last Thursday night, we decided that it was high time for us to to a Flamenco show. We’ve been in Spain for a little over three weeks and we still hadn’t experienced Spain’s most traditional and cultural form of dance. Though Flamenco originated in Sevilla, it is still common in other parts of Spain as well, so we had no problem finding a cute little … Continue reading Experiencing the Art of Flamenco and the Castle of Xátiva

Paella, Fútbol, y Más de Valencia!

Hola Amigos! This week in Spain has been an incredible experience! With the first week of classes under my belt, I am starting to familiarize myself with the city of Valencia. My friends and I have been bussing and using the cool public bicycle system to get to classes. My host family lives in the district of Arts and Sciences, the newest and most modern … Continue reading Paella, Fútbol, y Más de Valencia!

Week One en España!

Hola from España! After arriving in Madrid on Wednesday and sleeping through my jet lag, we toured el Monasterio San Lorenzo del Escorial, which was where historically the Spanish king lived and worshiped. The beautiful architecture, the ornate church, and the detailed crypts below of past Spanish royalty were truly captivating to wander through. The site had a few massive courtyards and a very pretty … Continue reading Week One en España!