Skip to Bailu, my darlin’, you’ll be glad you did

When in China, UF Students are: Honorary Guests, a source of entertainment, and just more foreigners On our first school field trip in China, the 2011 UF in Chengdu students were the honorary guests of the Bailu Township and its hardworking people. In May of 2008, the first year of the UF in Chengdu program, … Continue reading Skip to Bailu, my darlin’, you’ll be glad you did


The benefits of being Shanghaied

It’s 6 o’clock. I have woken up on my own accord, a practice probably caused by the past few days’ habit of jolting awake on airplanes when my neck began to slide off of the head rest of my seat. I pick-up my alarm clock slowly and carefully hold the metal piece that vibrates back … Continue reading The benefits of being Shanghaied

三,二,一。。。san,er,yi… 3,2,1

你们好同学们和同鳄! Nĭ men hăo tong xué men hé tóng è! Hello fellow students and fellow gators! On May 7th, 2011 the hundred-and-ninety-five-day study abroad adventure that I am going on this summer will begin. The 字, zì, or characters in my greeting above surely suggest that I am going to Asia, as we Westerners know … Continue reading 三,二,一。。。san,er,yi… 3,2,1