Summer of Self Realization

Well, as classes ended last Thursday, most people have left to travel or are still doing internships. The only travelling I did was a weekend trip to Budapest, which was amazing. However, I returned to Madrid, which now feels oddly empty and less rushed than it has for the past two months.

I am now left with less than two weeks in this city, one final exam for my online course, and lots of time to spend to myself.

Takos al Pastor

The first week alone is coming to a close, and it’s something that gave me time to think and put everything into perspective, as I merely have no schedule to my days except to study here and there. I sleep through long nights, lay around, and walk about the city with no predetermined ideas of what to do.

So, one of the first days, I decided to go to dinner by myself and go and see something I haven’t seen yet. I chose to go to the one taco place that always has a minimum of a thirty minute wait, figuring it would kill more time, and afterwards, go watch the sunset by myself. Little did I know, this would be one of my favorite things I have done in my entire time in Madrid.

The park I chose to go to was one that was quite far away from everything. It took me about 50 minutes to get to, because it was located on the outskirts of the major city, in the more residential area of Madrid. It was calm, with rolling, grassy hills and few people. I chose a spot and sat there for about two and a half hours, listening to music, thinking, and watching the colors in the sky change. The landscape was inexplicable, consisting of a view of the entire city with the mountains in the background.

Parque del Cerro del Tío Pío

A moment like this made me somehow feel completely submerged, and at the same time, detached from the world. I thought back on all of my experiences this past summer in the city right before my eyes, all the firsts and lasts. These past few months have felt so long, yet so quick, and now it’s all coming to end, and it seems so surreal. I realize that such a seemingly short time left an impact on me beyond what I expected. Yet, there I was, just one person, sitting on this one hill, in such a big city, in an even greater world, where my one experience is inconsequential to everything going on around me.

The entirety of studying abroad, being in a foreign country, travelling probably more than I have ever before within a three month period, has somehow managed to make me feel both so small and so big. My outlook on life has always stayed relatively the same, but it significantly progressed here, as now I truly know the impact of experience and happiness in life, compared to other things that cause anxieties and stress.

Like I said before, we all carry our own universe within us through our thoughts, feelings, experiences, maybe even feeling small in the external world. However, I learned to grow to feel purpose within my own manifestation of this world, through my encounters this summer. I learned to let go of the superficial, and immerse in that which breeds happiness.

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