Brussels Forever

It’s the end of an era; UF in Brussels 2019 has officially come to a close, and I will miss it so much. This summer has been one of the greatest of my life, and one of the happiest times of my life in general. I have felt nothing but love and gratitude throughout the past 7 weeks and I am so thankful.

As our program has ended, my classmates and I made the most of our last few days in Brussels – albeit, while working on final exams. Nonetheless, during our final days, we enjoyed last sunsets from the viewpoint at Avenue Louise and Parc du Cinquantenaire, ate a delicious Italian meal followed by ice cream, and souvenir shopped, among other activities. We even found time to support one of our professors, Dr. Selden, as he performed at a local bar with an old friend! I greatly enjoyed watching him show off his harmonica skills.

Cinquantenaire at dusk

Our class as a whole met for a farewell dinner this past Monday. Victoria, one of my good friends, planned a paper-plate-superlative get together after our farewell dinner. It was so fun to celebrate each other in this funny, heartfelt way.

One last rally – our farewell dinner

During my time in Brussels, I made a wonderful group of European friends. I said goodbye to them before leaving, and hope to keep in touch going forward. This summer has shifted my perspective about day-to-day life in other cultures, and has introduced me to a whole new subject I’ve come to adore. After taking the EU in the World class with Dr. Kreppel and Dr. Selden, I am highly considering working on an EU certificate when I return to UF! The thought of taking more EU classes in the future excites me.

Friends – Elsa and Federica

Also while in Brussels, I made an effort to build up my photography portfolio. I hope to shoot portraits as a profession in the future, so capturing my friends throughout the summer was such a joy. I appreciated them posing for me – yet they didn’t have to try much, at all ;-).

Spencer, shot by me
Maria, shot by me

These next two weeks will be very exciting – I’m traveling to Spain today (currently typing this in the airport) – and will be there until the 25th before heading to France to spend time with family. There, I’ll explore Bordeaux and Paris before finally heading back home! I’m looking forward to reuniting with my family in Texas for a few days before starting the great road trip to Gainesville. Junior year is creeping up and I cannot wait for it – I know that the friendships I’ve made in Brussels will continue in Gainesville –Gainesville doesn’t know what’s coming when UF in Brussels returns! This summer has granted me memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Thanks for keeping up with my travels, and if you ever think about studying abroad or wonder if participating in a program which may not necessarily go towards your degree is worth it – take it from me – it is. Go with your gut and, if you are so fortunate, study what you wish!

Signing off (and soon, boarding a flight to Madrid), Khushi 🙂

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