Running Away to Paris

Booking last minute trips to places all over is all fun, until you realize you have absolutely nothing set up besides the flight you bought and a place to stay. However, there’s adventure in uncertainty and spontaneity, and maybe that’s why these trips, and studying abroad in general, have been some of the best.

This weekend, we decided to run away to Paris for a few days. Already having been there before, I was not the most excited, considering I didn’t have the best experience the first time around. I went in with an open heart and open mind, because you know what, they say try everything at least once, I say try everything twice.


We arrived in Paris late on Thursday, close to midnight. You can imagine my frustration when we arrived to the hotel, and I’m not going to get into details, but it just wasn’t going to work out. For the next few hours between one and four in the morning, we roamed around the streets in search of a different place to stay. As annoying as this was, I can’t lie, it was a little bit of fun. However, no luck. I was seriously concerned this was about to foreshadow my second time in Paris to be not the best, once again. Bless the receptionist at one of the hotels, who felt so bad for us, that he spent a good half an hour calling different places to see if anything was available that night. We ended up staying one night in the place originally booked, cancelled the rest of the nights the next morning, and enjoyed the extent of our stay in the hotel with the kind receptionist. Everything worked out, and I can only say good things about the cute boutique hotel where we stayed.


Running on next to no sleep, my goal this time around was to do everything I didn’t do last time. One of those things consisted of climbing the Eiffel Tower. The views from the top were so breathtaking at sunset, that the almost seven-hundred steps we had to climb to get only to the second level didn’t even seem to matter. However, at the end of day one, having walked over twelve miles and climbed over fifty flights of stairs, I could not put my exhaustion into words if I even tried to.


I guess second time’s a charm in my case — I adored Paris. Even with all of the walking and lack of sleep the first day, the trip felt peaceful and not rushed at all, like we could take our time and relish in everything we saw and experienced.

I pushed myself to finally try duck and escargot, and to my surprise, I enjoyed the two very much. Although, if I’m honest, the thought of eating a snail still freaks me out.


Beyond all the new sights we encountered, the delicious food we tried, kind hotel staff, and goofy waiters, one of my favorite things we did in Paris was definitely Lime-ing around (renting electric scooters when we’d get just a little too tired to walk). Something about riding in the tight Parisian streets with my hair blowing in the wind finally made Paris feel to me like it appears in the books and the movies. I’m glad I got the opportunity to change my mind about the city I’ve been to once before already, not to mention all the super cute pictures I got out of it as well.

However, it does feel good to be back home in Madrid, and now, here comes finals week for one last time.

Until next time,


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