Dutch Things

Since I’ve last written, I have done a bit more traveling and exploring in Belgium and beyond. As the title indicates, I recently visited the Netherlands and thoroughly enjoyed my stay! A group of friends and I visited Amsterdam during the last weekend of June. Before our trip, I had an idea of what Amsterdam would be like in mind; a romantic canal city with a rich history. Upon our arrival, my perception of the city quickly changed; I learned that the city’s culture is essentially shaped by its tourists, instead of the other way around. Amsterdam is a city that greatly caters to tourists, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

In Amsterdam – my friend Victoria, shot by me
My friend Drew, shot by me

During our time in the city, my friends and I explored the Van Gogh museum – the temporary exhibit, Van Gogh and the Sunflowers, was phenomenal – ate wonderful meals, took a leisurely canal boat ride, and engaged in the local culture. I also found time to meet my mother, cousin, and aunt for a brief moment as they were visiting the city for the weekend as well!

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Along with traveling to Amsterdam, I took a day trip to Antwerp, Belgium with my friend Kassidy, and found this Belgian city to be a nice shopping area. In Brussels, I have enjoyed parks such as Bois de la Cambre and Parc du Cinquantenaire, and have explored areas of the city such as St. Catherine and Place du Luxembourg. Watching the sunset at the Avenue Louise viewpoint will be a sweet memory from this past summer, along with many others.

Kassidy and me in Antwerp
Kassidy, shot by me
In the St. Catherine area of Brussels – Arthur Orlans, an awesome bar
The sunset from Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels
The sunset from the end of Avenue Louise

As for my European Union in the World course, the past weeks have consisted of visits to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, European External Action Service, and the European Commission. With just under two weeks left to go, I’m feeling prematurely nostalgic for this summer and the friendships I’ve made in Brussels. I feel so lucky and grateful to be here every day, and will make the most of these last few days before I travel to Spain and France, and ultimately making my way back to the States!

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