(First) Farewell am Rhein

This past week has been filled with studying, winding down classes and beginning to do departure procedures. There are several things to take care of, paperwork wise, and it’ll take some time, so I’m getting a head start so it doesn’t pile up at the end.

In the midst of all this craziness, though, the University of Bonn’s international office decided to do their “final farewell” event. It’s the only official farewell event they’ve planed, and it took place long before I leave, but it was a beautiful time and the weather was nice. They decided to take everybody out on a small river tour up and down the Rhein. The weather decided to cooperate, and we were given plenty of sun (too much in the opinion of some of my friends). They also served us a soda and little sandwiches, so I’d say it was an all-around great time.

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Went full-on boat dad

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It was my second river tour in Germany, and it was just as enjoyable as I remember it to be. Before coming to Bonn, I took part in the six-week language intensive program in Mannheim that UF offers in Summer C. During this program, they took us up and down the Neckar (a beautiful river that runs next to Heidelberg — highly recommend a visit). This time however, we didn’t go through any locks and we had the whole boat to ourselves.

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Wish I was going on a boat again this weekend tbh

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Things will continue to wind down, and I will continue to say goodbye to little things. I’m not gone yet, though, so I will relish in my little routines I’ve built and soak in as much of Germany and everything it has to offer for my remaining four weeks.

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