Exploring Beyond Sorrento

Sorrento has easily become my home away from home, and I couldn’t be more thankful that I get the chance to live here. Although in my free time I enjoy discovering the ins and outs of my new city, some of my favorite memories abroad relate to travels beyond the Sorrento city limits. During my first two weeks abroad, I managed to have three day trips. All three locations were ones I have been dreaming of since I first settled on studying abroad in Italy. With the bright blue sea and lemon décor defining Positano to the graffiti walls and timeless churches representing Naples, day trips are always a good idea in Italy.

The first day trip I ever took was during my first week in Sorrento, on a day when I didn’t have class or my internship, and I decided an impromptu day trip to Positano was much needed. For only four euros roundtrip, two friends and I boarded a bus to transport us from Sorrento directly to Positano. Before the start of my study abroad adventure, Positano was one of the top five places in Italy I wanted to visit. And thankfully, it didn’t disappoint. The moment my friends and I stepped off the bus, we were mesmerized by the view. Dozens of boats were scattered across blue water that seemed like it came straight from the Caribbean, umbrellas lined the shoreline, and a colorful town was perched in the far corner. As we spiraled down the winding streets, lemon printed décor could be seen on display in almost every shop. After a few more twists and turns, we discovered the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. After we took a quick peek inside, we let the blazing heat determine our next stop…gelato. Once gelato was in our hands, we went down to the beach where we would spend the remainder of the day.

Shortly after Positano, my study abroad program, CISabroad, treated us to a trip to Naples, Italy. Now before I discuss the trip, I have to make something clear, I am definitely not a city person, which is why it didn’t come as a surprise when I didn’t fall in love with the city of Naples. With graffiti covering what felt like every inch of space, garbage littered along the streets, and construction that made it seem as if I was in New York City, Naples was not the city for me. However, I will admit, the churches we visited were stunning.

The day following Naples, my school, Sant’Anna Institute, took all the students to the Island of Capri. After not loving my time in Naples, I was excited to discover a new place. After a short ferry ride from Sorrento’s Marina Piccola to Capri’s Marina Grande, my roommates and I found a quiet spot on a rocky beach near the marina. Eventually, we left the beach to take a bus to the town of Anacapri. Once in Anacapri, we decided to be a little daring, and spare our legs some hiking, by taking an unconventional, but surprisingly popular route to overlook the beautiful Island of Capri…a chairlift. The chairlift starts in Anacapri and is a 12-minute ride to the peak of Monte Solaro. The chairlift was by far one of my favorite things I’ve done! From the peak, the entire island is visible, making it one enormous panoramic view. With so much I still didn’t get to discover, it’s safe to say I’ll find my way back to Capri one day. Until my next adventure, ciao!

View of Positano, Italy
View of Positano, Italy
Naples Cathedral in Naples, Italy
Naples Cathedral in Naples, Italy
View of Capri, Italy
View of Capri, Italy

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