How To Say Goodbye To The Strangers Who Became Family

Dear fellow strangers, friends, FAMILY,

It is crazy to think that our time together has come to an end. I write this as I sit alone on a train thinking, never in a hundred years did I imagine I would meet such amazing and loving individuals. We travelled together to Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. I was terrified to spend so much time with the same group of strangers while alone in a foreign country. I stayed at hostels with 10 other students from this trip, I had to learn to enjoy other peoples’ presence 24/7. There is something about getting lost and almost missing trains that really forms a close bond between a bunch of strangers. I can’t speak for everyone else’s study abroad experiences, but I CAN say that my group of people, the Salzburg Study Abroad Program 2019, truly made my experience unforgettable. Not only did I learn to travel confidently and vastly, but I learned a lot about myself and my character. These strangers became my crazy family, La Familia, Las Fongas, Paper Plate Roasters. So how to say goodbye? Beats me! Thankfully, I will be seeing everyone back at UF:) But in all seriousness, how to say goodbye? Don’t, it’s a sad process. I met people who encouraged me to walk 14 miles in a day. I met people who made me feel confident when taking awkward pictures in a crowded area. I met people who tested my patience and kindness. I met people who made me laugh till I cried. I met people who ate ice cream with me and gave me hugs. How to say goodbye to that? Impossible.

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