A Week Full of Trips

Hello all! I can’t believe the second week of this program has already passed. This past week was a wonderful one, full of exploring new places in Brussels and beyond. On Tuesday, my classmates and I toured the headquarters of the Council of the European Union, also known simply as the Council. It was a wonderful learning experience, and I admired the impressive and creative architecture of the EU buildings! After touring, a few classmates and I relaxed in a beautiful park called Parc du Cinquantenaire.

The entrance of the Council
Beautiful architecture of the EU buildings
My classmates and me

After attending class Monday through Wednesday, with Wednesday being the longest day – from 9 AM until 6 PM (or, 18:00), I am fortunate enough to have Thursdays and Fridays off to relax and travel. This past Friday, my friend and I traveled to Ghent, Belgium for the day. Ghent is a beautiful, historical town, and we greatly enjoyed exploring it.

In Ghent
Gravensteen, Ghent

On Saturday, my class as a whole traveled to Bruges, Belgium and absolutely enjoyed our day. Before traveling there, we watched In Bruges, a Golden Globe winning film! Bruges is the most magical, fairytale-esque town I’ve ever traveled to. I climbed up the bell tower with my friends and gazed at the beautiful view of the city from the top. We took a guided boat tour through the canals, ate omelettes, and I snapped some portraits of friends.

The view from the top of the bell tower in Bruges, the Belfry Tower
In Bruges 🙂
Friends – Maria, Drew, and Victoria 🙂

Always feeling thankful to be here. Until next entry!


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