1 Week Left Before I Go!

It’s only a week before I leave for my trip to Germany! My last week in the States, I will be spending time with friends as we all leave for our pharmacy rotations in a week and then hitting up all of my Gainesville favorites: Blue Highway Pizza, SWRC volleyball, 8 Seconds, and Metro Diner, and the night before I leave, we have the College of Pharmacy’s first ever PHARMAL!

I will be studying pharmacy in a psychiatric hospital for 6 weeks. I am very excited to have this opportunity to travel abroad and to learn about healthcare in another country. It will be a challenge, as this is my first advanced pharmacy practice rotation, putting 3 years of knowledge to the test! Even more of a challenge, I don’t speak German. I plan to be like a sponge over these next 6 weeks and really absorb as much as I can.

I am looking forward to exploring the sites, history, and culture of Germany. To be honest, I am a little nervous about being abroad for this long, but I am sure I’ll manage. I’ll be leaving a week early to make a pit stop in Iceland for a couple of days with my aunt (flying IcelandAir- you can extend your layover for as long as you’d like! So, we figured, why not?!) and to do a little site-seeing in Germany with her before my rotation starts.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you!

My packing tips: make sure to look up suitcase dimensions with your airline so that you aren’t surprised with a fee at the airport; unfortunately you can’t pack every pair of shoe you own so choose wisely; from what I have read, German stores charge for bags, so bring your own!; weather in Germany can be unpredictable so pack layers; soap isn’t too expensive in Germany so that can be purchased upon arrival to save weight if you’ve already reached your limit; I won’t have internet in the dorms I am staying in so I have some things to help keep me entertained (cards, movies, coloring book, music/movies/podcasts already downloaded); I also have a few things that might come in handy for just-in-case instances (scissors, tape, flashlight, Ziplock bags, tissues, and hangers).

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