Quick! We Have to Get to Santo Domingo!

A short introduction: My name is Aya. I am a pre-medical student and microbiology major. Throughout my time at UF, I have felt an ever growing interest in the field of Global Health. I found out about this opportunity through UF to live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for the summer, as a medical student at Universidad Iberoamericana–otherwise known as UNIBE. I signed up for the exchange program about a month and a half prior to departure and everything was a blur from there. Between the work of the semester, an intense visa application process and final exams, there was barely time to breathe.

Here I am, with a little time to respire and catch my breath, writing my pre-departure post. I am going on this journey with two main goals in mind:

1. To learn about global health

  • If nothing else works out, I know that this one will.

2. To learn about global health

  • In the Dominican Republic, public health is a huge issue and I hope to have some firsthand experience at a major center for health disparity.

Oh, I forgot to mention…I am the only person in this program. So, it has been up to me to find housing, transportation, and also coordinate my classes with UNIBE. At this point, it is just my nondescript Spanish accent, Google Maps, and me: Ready to take on Santo Domingo. For three and a half months.

I look forward to taking you along with me on this journey that is already destined to be pretty—for lack of a better descriptor—“loco”.

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