Brussels Calls

Hello! I’m Khushi, and I am so excited to be documenting my summer via this blog. I have just under one week until I’m on my way to Europe, and I am thrilled. I will be flying into Paris and staying with a cousin for two days before heading to Brussels, Belgium to begin my summer classes! The program I’m participating in is through UF’s European Studies department. I will be learning about the European Union, while living in its capital. Although I am studying marketing and mass communications, I have always been fascinated by international relations. I can’t wait to learn about the EU’s functions, firsthand.

As for preparing for my trip… I haven’t necessarily prepared much, yet. I have begun packing, but I still need to finish getting my things in order. I’ve booked my train ticket from Paris to Brussels, and I’ll be meeting a high school friend while in Brussels; something I’m looking forward to! I’m not particularly intimidated by the thought of traveling alone abroad, as I’ve been fortunate enough to travel abroad many times throughout my life. Most recently, I visited Mauritius, the island where the majority of my family resides. My sense of independence and self-confidence has also been greatly strengthened during my time as an out-of-state student at UF. I’ve learned to trust myself, while becoming all the more adventurous.

During the downtime I’ve had between finishing Spring finals and leaving for Europe, I’ve made the most of my American summer. Before leaving Florida to come back home to Texas, I saw Tame Impala in concert, which was absolutely incredible! I hope to attend concerts in Europe, as I absolutely adore the entertainment industry. I read that Spotify has a headquarters in Brussels… so I’ll have to find my way there. My father and I road-tripped back to Texas together, and since arriving home, I’ve spent quality time with my mother, sister, and friends.

While abroad, I plan to travel to as many other countries as possible, while exploring Brussels in depth. I also plan to build up my photography portfolio. I love taking portraits and hope to capture stunning images of my peers while in Europe. My favorite part of traveling is the unknown, as I have no idea of what’s to come, which makes this all the more exciting. I hope this summer exceeds my wildest expectations, yet, I’m trying not to expect anything. I will take all that comes to me with gratitude and joy. Until next entry, see you in Brussels!


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