Prepping for my Italian debut

As the farewells to friends and family begin and I make my final decisions on which shoes will be accompanying me to Italy, I can’t stop thinking about my expectations for the summer.

Some of the books I used to plan things I wanted to see in Italy

In preparation for this trip I have read Italian travel guides, received loads of recommendations/stories from past Florence travelers and done quite a bit of research on all things Italy. However, I’ve never been overseas or experienced European culture before, and all this planning has created preconceptions of what Italy will truly be like.

I view Florence as a place filled with appreciation for beauty and the pleasurable things in life. Florence seems to move at its own pace with great admiration for the rich history on every block and in every brick. I expect some of my favorite memories to be having sunset picnics at the Piazza Michelangelo, exploring places like the Uffizi Gallery and Gucci Garden, shopping at the Florentine Leather Markets and weekend trips to Switzerland, Greece and the Amalfi Coast. But what I am looking forward to the most is gaining a new perspective on life. I cannot wait to see how these predictions develop and change over my six-week journey.

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