Spring in Vienna

Spring is here and Vienna is as beautiful as ever. It’s finally getting warm and I’m ready to spend more time outdoors. I’ve been exploring the city a lot on my own and have realized there’s so many nice parks and cafes to relax outside so I couldn’t be happier. A popular spot to hang out here is by the Donau Canal which is a nice spot to sit back, relax and take in some sun by the water and I really love it there. I’ll probably be frequenting that spot quite often this semester, I just wish I lived closer to it. It’s also nice to have a place to unwind after classes or after a night of clubbing so the canal is a perfect spot. On Friday I got to see one of my favorite DJ’s, Nightmares on Wax, at a club called Fluc which was a really awesome and unique experience. It was also perfect because the club was right outside the train station so after the show I could just hop on the subway home instead of having to pay for an Uber. Since I was quite tired Saturday after all the dancing, I spent most of Saturday by the canal with my headphones in finally enjoying a day without wearing a winter coat. Vienna is a really easy city to make a home out of and I’m really happy to be here.

I’m also looking forward to this week because my dad is coming to visit me as well as to celebrate my grandmas birthday in Slovakia over the weekend. I’ve really missed my parents a lot so it’s going to be nice to spend time exploring with a part of my family for a bit. I plan on doing more of the “tourist” things while my dads here and hope to go to some more of the fancy expensive restaurants they have here. Although I am facing a bit of FOMO regarding missing out on what friends will be doing during the weekend, it’ll be nice to be with family. Overall, I don’t want my time here in Vienna to end, I may just have to end up learning how to speak German.

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