Taking it easy

Two weeks in and somehow I already feel pretty well-adjusted to life here in Vienna. Sure I still have some kinks to work out but to be honest, life here really isn’t hard to get used to. It’s strange because I normally get overwhelmed in new places especially when considering that I am here alone but, once I got adjusted to my courses and schedule, it’s been smooth sailing. Even though I do have the advantage of already studying in the city for 6-weeks, there’s still a lot to see and learn about the beautiful country of Austria.

One of the things I learned so far while getting adjusted to the city life is that it’s okay to take things easy. You don’t need to go out every night or see every tourist spot within the first month, sometimes it’s okay to kick back and relax because we have plenty of time here and we don’t wanna get burned out too quick. Sure there’s going to be the dreaded fear of missing out but you may end up missing out on what you actually wanna do while following others plans. It’s also important to find people with similar interests and travel goals as you because it’s nice to have a travel partner that you get along with and will want to share the same experiences as you. Taking chances to get to know others can make the world of a difference because when I was here last summer I had the issue of meeting cool people at the end and saying “wow, I should’ve just introduced myself on the first day.” And even if you don’t find the best of friends right away, as long as you continue to put yourself out there, someone good can always come along. A good thing about my exchange program is that I have courses that start at different points in the semester so there’s still plenty of chances to meet new and interesting people if you didn’t have much luck the first time around.

It may sound selfish, but being on an exchange program is the perfect time to focus on yourself and finding out your interests. It’s one of times where you really don’t have to put anyone else’s priorities ahead of yours if that’s what you’re looking for. Sure, you have to focus on classes and grades, but everything else is up to you. You just have to take chances and go for what you want. With that being said, I’m going to go explore more of Vienna and do everything I’ve always dreamed of because there’s nothing holding me back besides my own self and maybe my bank account.

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