A Magical Day





With just about a month left to go, I’m sad to say the last few days of SAS are ahead. It’s crazy how I feel like I’ve been on this ship forever but also for no time at all.

Im definitely excited to get back home and see my friends and family and enjoy the holidays, but I’m going to miss traveling to a new country every week. It’s been a dream!

Right now I’m in Shanghai, China for a few days. Then we’ll head to Kobe, Japan and Honolulu, Hawaii before returning to San Diego. It’s crazy how time flies.

As both my roommate and I have already been to China, we’ve been able to take it easy and just explore Shanghai together. We’ve already seen some of the major sites like The Great Wall and Shanghai Tower, so there’s way less pressure for us to go go go like we do in other ports.

We were able to spend the past two days at a trampoline park and Shanghai Disneyland and it was so fun. Both were spontaneous decisions that ended up working out so well.

We went to Jump 360, a trampoline park just outside of Shanghai that is supposed to be one of the largest in the world. It was so cool because it was absolutely deserted, 100% empty, so we had the whole place to ourselves. If you’re ever in Shanghai I definitely recommend. Full of ball pits, obstacle courses, trampoline volleyball and basketball courts, I seriously could be a spokesperson for this place I had so much fun.




Next stop was Shanghai Disneyland! My roommate used to work at Disney in Florida and knew all about the park. I’m not a huge Disney person but seeing her so excited made the day all the more fun. My favorite rides were Tron, where you get to act like your racing through The Grid, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which had insane graphics and literally made you feel as though you had been transported into the movie.



Overall, China was a much needed week off. Having been here before, I was able to just chill for the week. Traveling has been so fun, but it’s starting to hit that point where I’ve been away for so long that half of me feels ready to be home and half of me wants to enjoy my last month abroad.


Well, all for now! Next time I write will be in Japan, which is sadly our last international port 😦

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