Prostin’ and München: Oktoberfest

Hi y’all! I am sorry this post is almost two weeks late. Last week was a little busy for me with school and I fell ill, unfortunately. All is swell now and I hope you are ready for pretty cool update on life.

Two weekends ago, September 28- October 1st, I attended Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. This was my first time travelling by train alone and was somewhat alarming to me because the hours are longer and I felt more vulnerable since I was alone. I got on a train  Friday morning from Copenhagen to Hamburg, which was where my transfer was for Munich. It was pretty cool crossing over from Denmark to Germany because there is a ferry that transports you for part of the journey. What is so special about this ferry, you ask? Well… they put the entire train onto the ferry and brought us over to Germany… I have NEVER seen that before so it was pretty cool.


Once I arrived to Hamburg I boarded what I thought was my next train to Munich, which of course turned out to be the wrong train. It only took my 20 minutes to realize that I boarded the wrong train, missed my actual train, and needed to get back to the main train station in Hamburg. I am starting to make a habit of boarding the wrong train in Europe, which needs to be broken ASAP. First Sweden, now Germany… take a guess which country you think is next!!

Finally I arrived to Munich Friday evening where I met Tara and her Wake Forest friends. Saturday morning we woke up at 5am and made our way over to Oktoberfest where we stood in the line for quite some time until 9am when they opened the gates to the festival. We made our way over to the main tent, which was already packed with every American studying abroad in Europe from many different home institutions. We couldn’t even move.

Now you may be wondering my honest opinion of Oktoberfest.. I wasn’t a big fan. The only reason I wasn’t a big fan is that there were mainly Americans around me and I absolutely have nothing against being around other American students, but I just really wish I gained more of the international/multicultural experience of the festival. It is definitely possible, it just depends on the crowd you are with when you attend the festival.

There are many large tents throughout Oktoberfest which appeal to many different crowds. I 10/10 encourage you to visit as many tents as possible so you get a feel for all the different crowds of people who travel from all over the world and even within Germany to this Bavarian festival. Also, if you don’t like beer and feel like switching up your pallet, I recommend ordering a “Radler,” which is half lemonade and half beer. It tastes SO yummy. Water is also cool. Stay hydrated, y’all. Very important!!

Sunday, I spent the whole day exploring Munich. I LOVE walking. We spent time visiting Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, the original Hofbräuhaus, the English Gardens (so cool, we found a spot for surfers), and we even stumbled upon a local market! I had loads of fun that day. That evening I took an overnight train back to Hamburg, which ended up being delayed and made my return trip to Copenhagen 18 hours long. I must say, train travel can be really exhausting and I definitely paid the price of that during the week to follow.

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