Entering the Southern Hemisphere


WE HAVE OFFICIALLY CROSSED THE EQUATOR!! I kind of expected there to be boats driving around blasting off fireworks or something a little more dramatic, but the fact that we even crossed it is thrilling enough for me. This is my first time in the Southern Hemisphere if you can’t tell.


Semester at Sea takes Neptune Day, the holiday for when we pass the equator, very seriously. It’s full of festivities and fun SAS traditions to sort of induct you, so to speak, into the new hemisphere. I also love it because classes for the day get cancelled! Firstly, they wake us up to the sound of a beating drum. Then, we all gather on the pool deck where there is an obligatory slime session in which they douse you in “fish guts,” which is this green colored water that literally smells like fish. Frankly, it was pretty disgusting, but everyone was excited so it was as if there was an unofficial decision amongst the student body to collectively ignore the grossness of it.


After being covered in fish guts, we swam across the pool. On the other side were some of our professors, decked out in costumes and holding fish, for us to greet.

We had the option at the end to shave our head, which is one of the most famous SAS traditions. I briefly flirted with the idea, but ultimately decided I just couldn’t do it and I love my hair too much. Some girls did go for it, however, and looked amazing. So, I have nothing but respect for them!

Anyways, that’s all that’s been going worthy of updating you guys! We’ve just been at sea for a while and still have a few days left until we reach South Africa.


My friends and I kissing a fish, another Neptune day tradition.

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