What happens at La Mercè?

So for this weekend (21-24), I decided to stay in Barcelona because there was this festival called La Mercè. It’s a Barcelona wide celebration that involves human towers, giants, fireworks, music and loads of food. I didn’t do much the first day of the festival. I went out on Saturday and just walked around el Parc de la Ciutadella and near the Arc de Triomf. There were numerous food trucks, and a lot of beer and sangria (you can drink publicly during the holiday). There was also a stage set in front of the Arc de Triomf where local acts would sing.

Later that day, there was a more exciting event. It’s this fire run (correfoc) where people would run around with fireworks and aim them towards the crowd, they warned the public to wear appropriate clothing if they had intentions of going to the front. It was exciting because they were always lighting the fireworks and later that night, they had fireworks at the beach (La Barceloneta).

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Correfoc. La Mercè’18

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On Sunday morning, I woke bright and early to make sure I made it in time for the human tower demonstrations that were at Plaça de Sant Jaume. There were children human towers at the beginning and then you saw ones that involved a mix of people (children, men, women, etc). It was really cool to see and it was hard to understand why people did this in the first place since it involves intense practice. I sadly missed the ones that appeared later following the other performances, I saw that those towers were a lot higher. Later that day, I attempted to go to this flea market for vintage items, but the Facebook page had given me the wrong address and I ended up at the original factory for Estrella Damm beer (Estrella Damm is huge here, the most popular beer even though it’s not the best tasting). It was really clean inside the factory area in comparison to the rest of Barcelona.

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human tower

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Monday came and this meant that this was the wrap for the festival, the big event was this firework demonstration in the evening. The fireworks were to be at Plaça Espanya and in front of the Palau Nacional. The fireworks were amazing, probably the best firework performance I had seen in my life. It had  music that was in a way arranged with the fireworks and they played so many songs. The entire firework performance was around 30 minutes long and they even paid tribute to Aretha Franklin! I don’t know but it was at this moment where Barcelona kind of solidified itself as my ideal choice of city. I was content with my decision and I enjoyed the festival.




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