Copenhanging Out

Henlooo from Studenterhuset, my favorite coffee shop in the center of Copenhagen, which is where I spend most of my time studying/being productive when I need a change of scenery from the usual campus environment. Studenterhuset is a student run coffee shop catered to University of Copenhagen and neighboring university students, but also turns into a bar at night. I love that I can spend all day here working and then meet up with friends in the evening, just to chill out, at the same spot. It is extremely convenient!

Last Wednesday I was finally able to spend time in Lyngby, which is where I attend school and is an affluent suburb of Copenhagen. I spent the day getting some homework done and exploring the coffee shop/bakery scene. Again, it is truly a blessing that I have Wednesdays off from school because otherwise I wouldn’t have time to explore my nearby surroundings as much as I would really like to.

That evening my friends and I biked over to Klampenborg Beach near Lyngby, which was so nice and a great way to end the last few days of the summer season. Jordan and I went on a romantic, long walk on the beach (ha ha ha) and we all had dinner together by the water. Although it was still very cold, that did not stop the Danes from swimming nude in the water! In large groups they would all, very casually, go skinny dipping, which is apparently customary for some in Scandinavian culture. That was quite unique to witness, to say the very least.

In order to get to and from the beach we had to ride through Jægersborg Dyrehaven, which is a national forest and sanctuary for deer. It was beautiful! I felt like I was living through a National Geographic film of some African safari. It was really cool having the deer run parallel to us while we rode our bikes, wind through our hair and all. It was such a refreshing experience, especially since I haven’t been on a bike in so long and I will always prefer being one with nature!



Fast forward to the weekend, most of the UF students decided to go to Munich for Oktoberfest. I opted out this weekend because I’ll be in Munich this coming Friday-Sunday for the second weekend of Oktoberfest! I am glad I spent the weekend in Copenhagen because I have been traveling every weekend since I first arrived. Note to self: first world problems at its finest and I am so guilty of this. I really needed to take a chill pill and my bank account is not my #1 fan.

Saturday, David (Gator Engineer/Global Gator) and I visited a really cool Vintage “Pay by the Kilo” Pop Up Shop near Christiania, “Free Town,” which is the hipster/artsy fartsy neck of Copenhagen. We walked around Copenhagen for a little, ate dinner at my favorite lil pizzeria (Pizzahuset), and returned to Studenterhuset to study. Also, this day was the first day of Autumn and wow did the temperatures change… it was SO cold!!! This Florida gal wasn’t as prepared as she thought she would be!

All in all, it was nice spending some time exploring Copenhagen a little, catching up on Gilmore Girls (I swear I’ve been “catching up” for almost two years now), working on some assignments, working off all the delicious pastries I’ve been consuming by going to the gym, and cooking yummy/healthy food! It was a very wholesome weekend that was necessary for the mind and soul. Catch my post next week, post-Oktoberfest.. see you then!!

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