Visiting Paris, France– Check!

Never in a million years did I imagine visiting Paris at such a young age. I stayed in Paris for about 3 days and left actually on the day of an exam. 10/10 would not recommend that to anyone by the way. Everything worked out in the end but the thought of missing my flight or having it be delayed was the most stressful thing ever. Nonetheless, my trip was a dream come true, from the activities to the price. My entire cost for the trip was surprisingly affordable! I only spent $79 on my airplane ticket round-trip. Yes, you read that right, round-trip! Then with all the museums, monuments, food and living, and attractions, the total was about $300.

The first thing I did was Visit the Louvre Museum. This museum features famous artwork such as the Venus de Milo

Screenshot 2018-09-19 20.10.08

Winged Victory of Samothrace
Screenshot 2018-09-19 20.10.23

and of course, the Mona Lisa


Next up on my list was the Chocolate Museum. The thing that got me about this museum was the unlimited amount of chocolate. As you walk through each exhibit, you get to learn about the history of chocolate, cocoa beans, and how certain cultures created their chocolate. There were stations that offered free chocolate at each gallery, and me being the chocolate lover I am, literally stuffed my face with it.

Following that museum, I got to visit the Palace of Versaiille. Because the line was too long (estimated at about 3 hours) I didn’t go inside the palace. I did end up visiting the garden, however.


Next up on my list was the Orsay Museum. Some of the famous painting I saw there was the Starry Night Over the Rhône by Vincent van Gough and other paintings by Claude Monet.

One of my last trips was one that I personally enjoyed the most — the Notre Dame. The Cathedral is so beautiful and seeing it lit up as the sun set made my heart tickle a little.

Speaking of the sun set…

And how could I forget the most famous tower in Paris, France?


I ended my night with a Seine River cruise. This cruise took me along the Seine River, where I saw and learned about historic bridges, monuments and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

The very last thing I did was go to Disney Land Paris. It honestly felt like the most magical place on earth (step up your game Disney World, Florida).

I got to:

Parachute with the Toy Story soldiers

and hug Rex

Eat food from Ratatouille Land

ride Aladin’s carpet

and sit on the Red Queen’s Throne.

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