Travel Tales

The past three weekends, I have traveled to three famous, beautiful cities: Chefchaouen, Morocco, Valencia, Spain, and Paris, France.

Chefchaouen, the “blue city,” is very different from Fes because it is a lot more touristy. Friday night, we walked through the souk, ate dinner overlooking the city, and bargained for traditional Moroccan rugs. Saturday morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn to hike the Rif Mountains. The 12 mile hike (which includes us getting lost and walking the completely wrong way and then having to turn around) was well worth the beauty of the waterfalls. The waterfalls, though, were absolutely freezing. Hands down the coldest water I have ever been in. I wish I could have video taped all of our reactions when we jumped in. 

مدينة شفشاون التي مدينة زرقاء، هي مختلفة جداً من فاس لانها سياحية. في الليل في يوم  الجمعة، مشينا في السوق، أكلنا العشاء و اشترينا سجاد تقليدي مغربية.  في الصباح  في يوم السبت،  مشينا الجبال ريف. مشينا ١٢ اميال و الماء السلالات كان يتجمد لكن جميلة جداً إذن  كان يستحق ذلك.

Valencia is a gem of a city. Every time I go to Spain, I realize how much I want to live there. I was there visiting a friend from home and I had an amazing time reminiscing with her on the Malvarossa beach and meeting her European friends. Unfortunately, my flight to Valencia on Thursday had a layover in Lisbon and when I arrived in Lisbon, I found out that my flight to Valencia had been cancelled. The airline put us all in a hotel (an HOUR away from the airport) for the night and put us on a new flight to Valencia, which, of course, had a layover in Amsterdam. 24 hours later, I arrived in Valencia with an extreme case of exhaustion. Oh well, now I have to go back. 🤷🏼‍♀️

 مدينة بلنسية جميلة جداً و أريد أن أسكن في اسبانية. زرت صديقتي من ميامي و استمتعت بمقابلة أصدقائها الأوروبيين و التكلم  معها على الشاطئ.

Paris took my breath away. Although I’ve been, Eiffel in love with Paris more and more every time 😉. We, of course, did all the touristy things one does when they’re in Paris, however, I really had an amazing weekend just walking through the city and chatting with my friends. My weekend in Paris was the best one yet. We saved the best for last. 

باريس مدينة اوروبية مفضل. فعلنا كل الأشياء السياحية في باريس .عطلتي في باريس كانت ممتازة لانني أستمتع بالتكلم مع أصدقائي.

I am forever grateful that I was given the opportunity to study abroad and travel to so many (new) cities this summer. The things I have learned could not have been learned any other way than first hand. I hope to be able to continue traveling to experience new things, learn new languages, and meet new people, and hope to have the chance to study abroad again, إن شأ الله.

P.S. I translated my paragraphs into Arabic using the vocabulary I know (therefore, it’s not the whole paragraph). And no, I did not use google translate. 

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