I’m coming for you, Morocco!

Ever since the day my friends and I signed up for this program, we have been telling each other “We’re going to Morocco!!!” Sitting at the airport, looking at my plane ticket, it is still so surreal.

I started taking Arabic during the fall at UF and I fell in love with the language and my amazing teacher, Soraya, who was supposed to come with us on this trip. Soraya is my favorite professor at UF thus far, so imagine my reaction when she said she couldn’t come to Morocco with us anymore.

It will definitely be a challenge getting accustomed to a completely different culture while living with a moroccan family I do not know. the most difficult part for me is the fact that I, because I am a woman, have to be mostly covered (no shoulders or knees showing–especially during Ramadan) although the temperatures will be rising up to 115 degrees in the Western Saharan region. when Soraya told us at the pre-departure meeting that there might not be air conditioning in our home, everyone–mainly the girls–freaked out. Regardless of this, I am excited to broaden my horizons and fully immerse myself into a traditional Moroccan lifestyle in which we don’t wear shoes inside the home and we eat dinner extremely late during Ramadan. I am anxious and absolutely ecstatic for the summer of a lifetime. If I’m being honest, I am more excited about the falafel, kafta, and baklava than anything else. Although I’ll be studying in Fez, I plan to travel all around Morocco on the weekends, so stay tuned, pictures are on the way!

Masalema*, my friends.

*a way of saying see you later in Arabic


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